Optician Position - Naperville

Our Optical Boutique has a varied and eclectic array of designs and styles. We offer designer and more moderately priced frames. Whether you are looking for designer frames, character frames for your child, budget frames or something in between, we have it.

Main Job Duties

  • Provides patient education regarding lens materials, products and designs.
  • Performs prescription analysis such as interpreting and transposing.
  • Provides recommendations to patients regarding proper eyeglass frame selection.
  • Designs complete eyewear product by incorporating frame design elements, lens materials and optics with patient’s prescription and lifestyle requirements.
  • Performs eyeglass frame adjustments and repairs. Includes proper alignment of frame, comfortable fit, functional vision and instructions on proper wear and care of eyeglasses.

Our Optical Services Include

  • Single Vision and Progressive Lenses
  • Ultrathin Lens Materials
  • Transitions® and Transitions XTra Active® Lenses
  • Purecoat® and Crizal® Non-Glare/Anti-Static Lenses
  • Polarized and UV Protection
  • Specialty and Occupational Lenses
  • Outside Prescriptions Welcome
  • Walk-in Service: No Appointment Necessary

Our sunglass selection offers basic and high fashion designer as well as those for sports and outdoor activities. All are fabricated for full UV protection. We also offer sports glasses and goggles, swim goggles, and SCUBA masks that can be customized to meet your vision correction needs.

At English Rows Eye Care, we believe that quality and service should be available at fair and competitive prices. We are committed to providing you with the highest quality eyewear available, at the best price, complimented by superior service!